• Humanitarian needs in Africa
  • Feeding children in Ethiopia
  • Empowerment training    
  • Parenting workshops
  • Will be opening a Radio Station in Chicago
  • Planing to build a Global Communication Center

Hagir Elsheikh

Executive Counsellor of Women Ministry of International Peace & Co-Host -  Owner/CEO HSE Staffing Agency LLC

Our Teens future depends on our collective effort in changing our views about their future. We can empower our teens with education and a platform to reason together to create a world of peace, love and health.  

Our Mission

Empowering Our Teens with Knowledge to change the World for Love, Peace and Health!



TSO LIVE TALK SHOW is a project still in the development stage based out of Harrisburg, Pa. It's first show aired in October 2015. The vision of TSO LIVE TALK SHOW is to give Our Teens a platform to Speak Out with the thought of reasoning with one another to resolve issue instead of resorting to violence.


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Justin Geist

Technical Engineer & Co-Host


those in need 

We have over 17 Professional Volunteer Staff of all profession that assist in the training of infants to adults, rehabilitation and employment.

Azalyah Hawkins

Counsellor of Peace & Co-Host

Tchermiyah Hawkins

Executive Counsellor of TSO & Host

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Intelligence triumphs

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for peace

For more than 7 years, Teens Speak Out has devoted its energy passionately to advocate for young women,teens and children that are politically under-represented globally. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through education, mentoring and support. 

Intelligence Triumphs is a educational and marketing vessel that will be used to fund and support Teens Speak Out mission.

Our auxiliary organization TSO LIVE TALK SHOW in Harrisburg, Pa., needs your support by tuning in and listen.every Monday at 5-7pm central or 6-8pm eastern at www.thevoice17104.com.   

Teens Speak Out

Locally, nationally and internationally, Teens Speak Out is a vocal advocate for the young women,teens and children. We promote love, peace and health to every corner of the globe to help children and families in need. We follow the guidelines of Our creator, the Counsel of Peace.

Hope in Action